To serve you by using our logical and emotional intelligence, we make it our credo. You are our priority.

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Paul Constantino


To provide legal services in criminal law, youth law, civil, commercial, labour and small claims mediation to the population of Gatineau and more specifically in Aylmer by listening to our clients and promoting emotional intelligence in the search for adapted and mutually satisfactory solutions.


To be recognized by my target clientele as an honest, conscientious lawyer who is always attentive to their needs, a lawyer whom they would recommend without hesitation for his seriousness and empathy.


  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Excellence and quality of service
  • Creativity, Collaboration.

Our skills

Solving complex problems

Faced with the constant exposure of increasingly complex information, our brain seeks to simplify information. A gap is then created wherein details may be overlooked or misunderstood. Our firm be there to fill the gaps and clarify so that together we can overcome the challenges faced.


If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to achieve what we have always achieved. We strive to seek out innovative approaches to ensure we are offering high-quality service to our clients. With an emphasis on critical thinking, we will ensure that our strategy is the best strategy for your needs.


Your objectives will be ours and we will try to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves through collaborative work. Committing to facts and the truth, we will use our expertise to best advise or defend you.

Service Excellence

Our firm will always be attentive to your needs and is committed addressing your concerns throughout the process. We aim to offer you a unique, rewarding and empathetic experience, but above all to offer you the service that our customers want. Excellence, quality and understanding.


This implies being able to take into account the objectives of others, to adapt to them, while keeping in mind our own objectives. It is an exchange where there will be no winner and no loser but to reach, through consensual and shared efforts, an agreement that is satisfactory to all stakeholders. It is one of the most important ways of resolving conflicts because it can be found in almost every facet of human life. Each negotiation is unique and differs from the others in terms of the topics covered, the number of participants and the process used. Our firm will ensure the protection of your interests and provide you with the appropriate advice for a rewarding and satisfactory resolution of your conflicts.