Criminal law

Several offences can stem from impaired driving, including drug or alcohol related charges, crimes causing bodily harm or death, or refusal to comply with an order or provide a breath sample. As soon as you are arrested, you may be subject to an administrative sanction such as a driving prohibition under the Highway Safety Code (SAAQ). Our firm can also offer you its support and assistance for charges related to criminal assaults, challenges to police interventions, assaults or property offences.

Youth law

If you have been reported or are simply in contact with the Directorate of Youth Protection, our firm is there to help and support you throughout the process by providing you with sound advice to defend your rights and interests.
Sometimes the federal law applies to youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who have committed an offence under the Criminal Code or who have contravened a federal law.
Regardless your situation, call on our law firm, we will be happy to help you. We will always put the interest of the child or the adolescent first in the search for satisfactory solutions.

Labour law

Whether something concrete has come up, or you simply want more information about your rights and obligations, we are available. If you feel as though there has been an injustice, we are here to listen. Our firm will be effective and persistent in defending your interests while providing you with expert advice.

Civil law

Life is full of unexpected events.Our firm is here to help you see things more clearly and find the solution best suited to your situation. Going to court can be stressful, which is why we will be there to support you and guide you through the entire process. You will be able to find reassurance through our knowledge and perseverance.

Administrative law

Relations between individuals and the various sectors of government can sometimes become complex and overwhelming. Our firm will ensure that laws and regulations are applied to you in a fair and reasonable manner, whether in municipal law, immigration law, environmental law, permits, etc. Our firm will work with you and defend your rights in obtaining justice.

Civil, commercial, labour, commercial and small claims mediation

The use of the legal jargon can be stressful. Our firm is committed to a collaborative approach to guide you throughout the journey ahead. Through an emotionally intelligent lense, we will allow facts to guide stakeholders to towards finding optimal solutions for both parties. Through a commitment to productive, respectful sessions, the parties involved will leave with a sense of accomplishment and fairness. Our firm will be attentive, empathetic and helpful as we work to resolve your dispute.

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